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Life Can Be Better!

Hello and hope all is well in your world today! My name is Maddie and I work at American Shaman CBD here in Rib Mountain. I also live with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Like almost everyone living with these conditions, I just wanted to get better. I’ve been to therapy and began rewiring my brain to have “happy habits” versus the negative mentality I had before. This was a grand start for me but was not the end of the road. 

For years, behavioral therapy and mind over matter practice worked for me. Of course, there is always a bummer day here and there, but hey, c’est la vie. The world keeps on spinning whether or not we want it to stop. I constantly remind myself to look forward to a new day and new opportunity to be better than I was the day before. There is always going to be another chance, but only if you take it and try. 

Of course when those blues days hit, it can be really really really hard to get out of the fog of stress.My mind is muddy with negativity, my heart feels heavy, my breath gets shaky, all of my neck and back muscles tense, and sleep is impossible to come by when my thoughts race away from me. The spiral has hit full force. What do I do? Smoke. 

I smoked cigarettes for years before switching to vaping.(I know it’s still a bad habit but I’m working on it, wish me luck)  But still I had the cravings for those nic sticks. Working for American Shaman gave me access to the CBD pre-rolls. I thought, “it’s not gonna give me the satisfaction of a cigarette.”

That satisfaction of just taking a minute to myself, to breathe in new thoughts and expel the old, just a little time to process those bajillion thoughts whizzing through my head. But let me tell you, those prerolls did one better. Not only did it give me the satisfaction that I wanted, but it helped curb the appetite to “chainsmoke” by calming those thoughts down. CBD is a known neuroprotectant, helping the brain to focus or calm down the extraneous thinking. What a relief to not plan out a million different conversations and plot out chores/errands for the next five years to come. But also, did you know our CBD Cloud Tincture can also be used as a vape juice? So if you don’t want to smell like burnt hemp, there’s some delicious flavor options for you. 

Okay, stopped the spiral, how do I avoid falling down the hole again right away? 

Although our lungs are the fastest delivery system for CBD, because it has fast access to our blood there, it doesn’t remain in our bodies as long.  However, when we ingest CBD our body has to process it and remains in our internal systems quite a bit longer, traveling from organ to organ, doing its thing.

I found our Omega+CBD packets to be a wonderful option for me. I admittedly don’t have a great diet and know that there are definitely vitamins that I lack. Omega being a big one. I sampled a packet and knew this was gonna be a repeat purchase for myself. They taste like an orange dreamsicle, you don’t get the fishy burps four hours after the fact, and they were easy enough to throw in the purse on the go. I also can feel the effects pretty quickly after eating the gooey goodness. Omega and CBD both work in our Endocannabinoid system in our bodies, so when they work together, they have potential to have a better effect. To you people eating tons of avocados and salmon, keep up the good work!

And then American Shaman released Sparkling Teas. YUM! I have always been a sweet tea kid, and these were right up my ally. With 10mg of CBD per can, in four flavors that are all different in taste, I finally had an easy option to add to my midday routine of maintaining my “chill vibes”. My personal favorite is the Mango and Orange Peel Black tea with its bitter sour sweetness. For when it’s one of those super stresser days/nights I’ll even add extra Water Soluble CBD to the tea for extra vavoom. When my insomnia hits, the Chamomile Honey flavor is a go to for me, and usually within half an hour my mind has finally calmed enough to allow for sleep to commence. 

Now that I’m out of the mental part of my spiral, what about the aftershocks in my body? For me, after a bad attack of anxiety my muscles are so incredibly fatigued and sore from being so tense. This is where the Topical Serum and Cream come in for me. I have chronic back pain due to my muscles being strained. This pain leads to my stress and my stress leads to my pain. The ever revolving door of misery spins on until the topicals put a stop to the cycle.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties in helping with a myriad of issues. American Shamans cream and serum are special in that there is DMSO in them which is known to help other medications absorb better into the body when applied topically. What this means, is that the CBD is going to go through all seven layers of skin, into that muscle, bone and blood and is really working in the area applied to combat inflammation but also help your other internal systems do their natural job of healing that affected area systemically. For my back and neck pain, these products were heaven sent. I use both the cream and oil serum for different places and pains on my body, and even sometimes doubled up to really tackle my discomfort. 

Stress is different for everyone. Different stressors, different reactions, different ways of dealing and coping with it. I can only tell you of my personal experience with my stress, and my way of dealing with it. I highly encourage everyone to do their own research into what CBD can do for them, but also to ask anyone who has tried it to see what it did for them. With our stories, we can only learn to be better tomorrow, to tell a better story of a better life. We have free samples everyday in store, and if you’re feeling stressed, stop in! Let’s talk about it, but also, let’s try to do something about it.  

Your local certified CBD consultant, Maddie