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My name is Maddie,  and I have been working for American Shaman CBD in Wausau for one whole year and have loved every moment on and off the clock. I have always loved working in customer service, but applying wellness to retail was a truly fulfilling enterprise for me personally. And then, the management, my goodness are they now my favorite people on the planet. 

My first retail job was working as a cashier at Family Video in Merrill, WI. At that time, I thought it would be my favorite job. Period. I love movies and tv series with a passion, and combining that with the job of pairing the perfect movie for each individual person was a game I so treasured. Then I had the opportunity to move to Green Bay and work at the Family Videos there and got to experience a more eclectic clientele versus just my hometownies. Having such a wide variety of races, cultures, religions and personalities upped the difficulty of the game, but the reward of helping people find the movie or show they now love is so satisfying. Basically helping people find the thing they didn’t know they needed or wanted is still what I aim to do today. 

After leaving Family Video, I worked at a movie theatre in Green Bay. And that wasn’t so much of suggesting the perfect movie but creating the ultimate experience. As an Assistant Manager it was my job to ensure that families, couples, single parents looking for an escape for a couple hours had the best time. To feel like you’re in a clean, comfortable, and accommodating atmosphere was my main goal. There was a system where customers could email comments and concerns after each visit, and I would always have at least one per week with my name specifically mentioned in the most positive light. Those little affirmations would make my whole day, week, month, or even year. I continue to strive to make people experience something truly wonderful and want to keep coming back for more. 

Moving from Green Bay to Stevens Point was interesting to say the least. I didn’t miss the Packer traffic, that’s for sure! I started working at Jung’s Garden Center. This job was about educating people on different plants and products. Not only matching people with the right product but how to appropriately use it, what it does, and how expectations vs reality aren’t always one in the same.

I think education is one of the most important tools in any salespersons repertoire. Because not only does it demonstrate your own confidence in the product, it gives the customer the opportunity to make an informed decision about their own confidence in said product. 

My journey with CBD began with my employment for the American Shaman CBD Plover store. I started out skeptically to be honest, unsure if CBD would help me with my stress and pains. My training gave me confidence in the products. All the information given in the training had cited sources, peer reviewed journals and fact checked up and down the board. As someone that values these things in information, I knew I was getting a well researched education.
I have seen people try our products, just as skeptical as I was in the beginning and were pleasantly surprised by the effects it had on them. That pleasant surprise is a high I chase every day I work. I want to make people feel better with their individual issues but most importantly be better overall in the day to day. 

As someone that suffers with stress, anxiety, aches and pains; being able to identify with my customers has been a joy. Not a joy that customers are suffering, but that there is something I can do to help alleviate some of their issues that are similar to my own. To see repeat clientele and hear how much better they are doing is a gift better than the paycheck. I know from my own experience that when stress and pain affect you daily, it’s a task to just get out of bed in the morning. To feel helpless or hopeless in one’s suffering makes the suffering all that much more unbearable. Knowing that there is something healthy and natural to help and support my well being is a comfort in all regards. CBD is my comfort in a bottle, soap, packet, pre-roll, gummy and so much more. 

When people come in not knowing what CBD is or does is my time to shine. Like I said before, I love pairing people with the perfect product. I adore getting complimented on giving people such a wonderful experience in our store. Giving confidence to people by educating them that they can trust our brand and trust CBD as something that can help with a myriad of problems is one of my favorite duties.  One year of a wonderful job, feels like forever and no time at all. <3

Thanks for getting to know me, 

Maddie, your local CBD certified consultant.