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Yes, really, we have a drive-thru.

We didn’t think we’d have to use it right away but we are grateful to have a drive-thru! We looked at leasing the Rib Mountain Drive location last summer, 2019. It was an old bank branch, the name Marathon Savings Bank is etched in one of our windows. The place was pretty well destroyed, meaning it was hardly a bank anymore. The entire wrap-around counter was gone, the computer cords and electricity disconnected, but the drive-thru drawer still worked when we plugged it in!  We pondered what it would be like.  A CBD store with a drive-thru? Cool!

On a regular day, we invite you to come in, try our best selling products, discuss what brought you in, and offer this in a calm environment to chat about our health and wellness.

We were open but a few months when it quickly turned out to be a bit different than we expected!

Coronaviris forced us to shut the doors in March, it was still cold but we pulled the plastic down from the drive-thru window and bought a speaker.  What a valuable asset!  The large window allows us to explain and demonstrate our products.  We have topical cream samples that we can offer through the drawer, so you can experience the product yourself.  The speaker took a bit to get used to, but it works swiftly!

At this time, we invite our customers to use the drive-thru but are open to indoor business as well.  Please wear a mask inside our showroom. Or, you may shop online through our Shop Now link on our home page. 

Hope to see you soon!